Proposal to Open the CH Playroom

Steering 2022-04-23


This proposal outlines requirements necessary to open the CH playroom.


A group of community members met with the goal of devising an opening plan for the GO CH Playroom. Great Oak parents and others would like to find a way for all GO kids to use and enjoy the playroom and to make the space fun, safe, and useful... especially for our youngest members. ...GO kids... currently include 2 littles under 5; nine kids aged 6-12, and 10 teens. rnrnrnIssues discussed included: Covid safety (including masking/vaccine requirements, capacity, ventilation), supervision, cleaning, and guests.rnrnrnThe provision that ...everyone masks, all the time, until further notice... took into account a range of parent preferences, the issue that not all users of the space will be vaccinated (either because of opt out or age ineligibility), the current practices of local schools, the complications and potential stigma of diverse parent approaches to vaccination/masking/podding, and a desire to make the space welcome to all. rnrn


Masking - Everyone masks, all the time, until further notice

Vaccination - All children may use the playroom

Initial deep clean - Included in Spring work day jobs

Ongoing cleaning protocols - Included in the next work season - starts on May 1st

Guest...™s children? (Including other co-housers) - Guests children are allowed to use the playroom

Supervision - Per our current rules, kids under 9 must be supervised in the playroom; ages 10-17 that are not Members, must also be supervised in the playroom; ages 10-17 that are Members can be in the playroom unsupervised

Capacity - maximum of 10 people at one time (to comply with CDC recommendation to remain 6 feet apart)

Ventilation - Windows need to be open when the playroom is in use and closed when the room is not in use. Inform the lock-up folks.

Bathrooms - Children may use bathrooms while using the playroom


Pros: This proposal would make the playroom immediately open to all who would like to use the space. The masking provision addresses safety concerns expressed by some parents and reduces the complexity of handling diversity of vaccination status. rnrnrnCons: The masking provision ...until further notice... does not address when or how we will move to free, maskless use of the Common House. Though out of scope for this proposal, the current regulations governing the general use of the Common House could be revised to better meet the needs of parents with young children who are using the CH for dinner, meetings, laundry, etc.

Process Comments:

approved by Steering and has support of all impacted parents in the community