Proposal to devote the 2019 Skills and Thrills to the Master Deed work

Great Oak Community 2019-08-19


Great Oak will spend Skill and Thrills weekend to work on Master Deed


rnGreat Oak needs to update the Master Deed. The Master Deed is a foundational governing document for Great Oak. The early version that we're using does not reflect our current operations and changes that have previously been identified as being necessary. Furthermore, it contains inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and outright contradictions.rnrnThis work began in 2012 (!!). Over the years, various editions of Finance and Legal have worked on it, but the community has never consensed upon a final version to send to our lawyer. In short, there are many complicated issues involved and we've always gotten stymied at one point or another.rnrnIt's also true that the community other issues and needs have taken priority over the Master Deed work. The budget, for example, consumes a substantial amount of meeting time and member attention in the fall and early winter months.rnF&L has also had to devote considerable time to other issues over the course of the last few years. Finance and Legal wants to wrap this up!rn


The 2019 Skills and Thrills will be devoted to finishing the Master Deed work. To make this the most efficient use of community time, Finance and Legal will:

Contact the GO attorney to identify a weekend during which he would be available to attend part of the meeting to answer questions that require a legal opinion.
Process will work with the community to identify the best date for Skills and Thrills (based on the date(s) provided by the attorney).
The attorney fee will be paid out of Finance and Legal funds that have already been budgeted for this service.
Other costs will be covered by the money budgeted for Skills and Thrills.
In the event the GO attorney cannot (or isn't willing to) attend the meeting, we will still use the time to focus on the Master Deed.
F&L will work with Process to ensure that the event doesn't consist entirely of people sitting in chairs!
F&L will work with other committees and individuals to ensure that there are some fun things happening, too!
F&L will take the work done at the meeting to create updated drafts for community review prior to delivering them to the attorney for legal vetting.


Devoting a large chunk of time to the Master Deed work is more efficient than continuing to try to do it in bits and pieces
Having the attorney present for a portion of the time increases the likelihood that we can complete the task.


Potential to be less thrilling than we'd like
If we can't get the attorney to attend, we'll still have legal questions to get resolved after the weekend (but, even without him, we will still get a lot done!)

Process Comments:

No blocksrnNo stand asidesrnAgreed to focus on Master Deed at Skills & Thrills