Common House Access

Great Oak Community 2016-05-23


Agreement to lock CH doors 24 hours a day on a trial basis during summer 2016.


There has been an increase in inappropriate use of the common house.
Children from our community without supervision and children and adults
from outside our community use the common house for the bathrooms, the
kitchen, and other rooms both in the day and night. This practice has
become more frequent and should increase even more when school summer
vacation begins soon.

The result is use of supplies, increased cleaning needs, and especially
allowing expensive equipment to be vulnerable. It is also a safety risk for
those individuals, increasing the liability risk for Great Oak


All doors to the Common House will be locked during the day and at night.
This will be a trial run for the summer that will end Sep 30. Following a community review of the summer experience, CH will bring forward a proposal for CH access including locking of CH doors. Doors will remain locked until a community decision has been made.


Common house would be used as intended for owners, renters, and guests.

Expensive equipment, supplies, and furnishings would not be in jeopardy.

Both Sunward and Touchstone have successful 24 hour per day locked common

Lockup crew will hopefully find themselves out of a job.

There is no additional cost to accomplish this.

Sets clear boundaries for our children and neighbors.


The door code would need to be widely known and not divulged.

The door code would need to be changed, as needed, or perhaps once per work
season, which could cause confusion and inconvenience.

When carrying in groceries, laundry, etc, it would be inconvenient

Mail and delivery persons would need to know the code.

The locked doors will require extra consideration by residents and office
renters when expecting visitors or clients.

Those hosting groups must make sure door are opened for their guests,
managed during their event, and locked up afterwards. Examples include book
clubs, exercise groups, game days, raw milk club, etc.


Process Comments:

No blocks or stand asides.