Infoco Mandate

Process: Infoco 2007-03-19


Mandate for the infoco commitee, a subcommittee of process that creates draft meeting agendas and supports facilitator development.



NOTE: This was passed with a clause that it needs to come back to the full group in six months, ie the end of September 2007, for group review to see how it's been going and if this mandate is serving the full group well.

1. We are a Standing Committee, a subcommittee of Process.
2. Are we empowered? NO, we don't make decisions in lieu of the community, but infoco is empowered to propose meeting agendas.

Our Mission: What is our global task in service to the community?
Infoco's mission is to help create community meetings that offer members opportunities to participate in decision-making, which is essential to community life. We do this by supporting both agenda planning and the skill development of facilitators.

Our Mandate: What did the community ask us to do?
Collect agenda items and discuss readiness for plenary floor. Organize agenda for community meetings and communicate it to the facilitators. Track pending agenda items. Provide resources to folks wanting to bring forward proposals. Encourage the skill development of facilitators.

Goals: What are we responsible for?
Agenda planning:
Propose meeting agendas and give to the facilitators to amend if needed. Agenda is tentative until approved by full community. The community can make changes from the floor.
Hold the big picture on agenda items for community meetings.
Discuss the readiness of proposals for community meetings; make recommendations to the proposal's creators for further work if needed.
Suggest if a proposal is best suited for a committee to deal with first before coming to a full community meeting.
Keep track of pending agenda items.
Keep track of issues/proposals that may still be in committee but need to return to full community discussion.
Serve as a resource:
Harness the skills, enthusiasm, and creativity of facilitators and presenters to bring proposals forward and deliver them in a way that make meetings flow in the best possible way.
Serve as a resource for committees for figuring out the best way to present info/craft a proposal/facilitate discussion/choose format/move forward on difficult items.
Meet with presenters and facilitators to plan for facilitation of community meetings.
Provide encouragement and support for those who want to develop facilitation skills.

Ongoing work:
Schedule and facilitate Facilitator Debriefs after each community meeting; convener will capture key elements that need to come back to Infoco for discussion. Debriefs are open to all community members.
Provide suggestions to the Process Committee about training and supporting facilitators and community members in skill development.
Make suggestions for improved meeting process to Process Committee who may craft and present a proposal to the community.
Discuss facilitation and how to improve facilitation, provide opportunities to learn and practice facilitation.
Coordinate responsibilities and actions with Process Committee by having one joint meeting per month.

What aren't we responsible for?

Writing proposals
Making decisions for committees or in lieu of the full community.
Creating the final agenda (we propose a draft agenda only).

What is expected of committee members?

Committee members are current work season facilitators plus anyone interested in the work of the committee.
Current work season facilitators are strongly encouraged to attend at least one out of two scheduled meetings per month, especially the one before the meeting you are scheduled to facilitate.
Attend facilitator debriefs after community meetings, especially the one after the meeting you facilitated.
Facilitators must check in prior to the meeting with presenters of agenda items scheduled for the community meeting they are facilitating.
Be a servant of the group, working for the greater good of the whole, with an attitude of being helpful, open, unbiased, and of service.

Work Positions:

Convener; Responsibilities include:
Track Infoco agenda items and cooler items for Infoco meetings; send out Infoco meeting reminders; make sure there is a facilitator and minute taker for each Infoco meeting.
Attend facilitator debriefs and keep track of items needing further discussion at Infoco meetings.
Communicate with Agenda Point Person to make sure Infoco has all necessary information prior to the Infoco meeting.
Communicate with Process convener any process suggestions from Infoco.
Communicate with conveners of other committees about community meeting agenda items on the stack.

Agenda Point Person (formerly known as Agenda Planner); Responsibilities include:
Put out call for community meeting agenda items the day after community meeting.
Gather information about community meeting agenda items, including urgency or date requested, goal and purpose of each item, draft proposals, presenter names, etc.
Track items on the community meeting stack.
Collate all information for community meeting agenda items and provide it to Infoco the day prior to the scheduled Infoco meeting.
In collaboration with the convener, communicate with committee conveners about community meeting agenda items on the stack.
Send out tentative agenda to infoco and facilitators, ideally one week before the community meeting.

Objectives: What projects/proposals are we currently working on? What are the timelines?

Making suggestions for how to provide input at community meetings in absentia that work for the individual, facilitators, presenters, and community members. (to be discussed March 25, 2007).

Where do we get our funding? No funding currently needed.


Also discussed on 11/20/2006

Process Comments:

0 standasides. NOTE: This was passed with a clause that it needs to come back to the full group in six months, ie the end of September 2007, for group review to see how it's been going and if this mandate is serving the full group well.