Convenor Job Description

Process 2003-02-15


A committee's convener ensures that committee meetings happen on a planned schedule, track agenda, tracks the budget and ensures that minutes are taken and shared and communicated with the community.


The process committee explores ways by which both the community and its various committees can work more effectively and enjoyably. At a recent meeting, the community discussed the formation of new committees and the need for conveners for those groups. Here is the process committee's view on the role of the convener of a committee.


1.) Makes sure that meeting dates are set. Some committees prefer to have a regular schedule for their meetings; e.g., membership meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.

2.) Sends meeting reminders to committee members and an invitation to the community on go-talk.

3.) Makes sure meeting dates are posted on the monthly community calendar. (Send date, time, and place to Gail.)

4.) Makes sure that an agenda for committee meetings is prepared. This task may be delegated to another committee member.

5.) Moves the group through the agenda at committee meetings. This task may also be delegated.

6.) Makes sure minutes are taken at the meetings.

7.) Tracks monkeys. From the phrase "a monkey on one's back," a monkey is an assigned task. The convener should be aware of who is working on what and remind people as needed. Monkeys are recorded in meeting minutes so conveners can use the minutes as their aid, and should review monkeys at each meeting so the group can revise or reassign any monkeys as needed.

8.) Makes a committee report at community meetings or asks another committee member to do so.

9.) Keeps track of the commmittee's expenditures and budget, and makes sure the commmittee evaluates the committee's budget needs for the next year when the annual budget process starts.

All committee members share the responsibility for accomplishing agreed upon tasks. The role of convener may be rotated among the members of the committee. The process committee suggests reviewing the convenership at least every six months.


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