GO Meeting Childcare Guidelines

Membership 2004-06-01


Guidelines for childcare both for the providers and the parents during Great Oak business meetings.


Membership has been working on some guidelines for childcare both for the providers and the parents. The idea is to make the meeting childcare sustainable and workable, so these guidelines are a key components of continuing to have childcare at meetings into the future.
It has been suggested that these would be good guideline to use for interactions with the kids in general, and thus important for those of us without kids here to read, as well.
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Here's the guidelines:
GO Meeting Childcare Guidelines (For Childcare Workers)
- Childcare providers (CCPs) should view safety as their first priority. It is the childcare providers' responsibility to step in to prevent behavior that is unsafe for children, adults, or is potentially damaging to property. Such preventative measures could include some of the following examples:
o Allowing only one child on a ladder step at a time.
o Requiring that children not throw things from the loft.
o Requesting that a child not use a stick, or anything potentially dangerous, in the vicinity of other children or adults (or taking the stick or dangerous object away if deemed necessary).
In general, we prefer that the childcare providers act on the side of safety.
- Indoor behavior and indoor voices will be used when indoors. This includes prompting children to walk and not run in the playroom, and to be as quiet as possible in the hallway when going back and forth between rooms
- There will be no playing in the hallway. Going back and forth frequently between rooms will be kept to a minimum.
- Someone will go to get the parent when the child wants to leave the room.
- Adults will not hit other peoples children
- Adults will not yell at other peoples children, unless to avert a serious safety situation
- No knives or other weapons in the playroom. No combustibles in the playroom.

Outside Rules:
- If children want to go to their houses for any reason, they need to have their parents take them.
- Children need to be within sight of the childcare providers at all times and will be prompted to stay in sight.
- Children need to follow the requests of the childcare providers as concerns their safety and the safety of other children. If they are not heeding the requests of the providers, then the providers have the prerogative to take the children to their parents.

GO Meeting Childcare Guidelines (For Parents)

- Parents will check in their children before the meeting (i.e. verbally tell providers AND write the childs name on a sign-in sheet if one is available). Parents will then check on their children at the break. Lastly, parents will check out their children before leaving with them for the evening.
- If a parent leaves the meeting for any extended period, they must retrieve their children from the childcare providers. Childcare is only provided so that parents may attend the community meeting. It should be remembered that other members are missing the meeting to provide the childcare and to give parents the opportunity to attend the meeting.
- Children will not be forced to share special toys that they bring to the meeting, but if taunting, exclusion (I'll share with you, but not with him), or other hurtful behavior develops with personal toys, the childcare providers may ask to have the toy put away or seek assistance from the child's parents.


Was not up for decision, are just guidelines.